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Airside Transportation Survey

A response to pharma shippers’ feedback on airside transit transportation.

CEIV 1.0

To which extent can pharmaceutical manufacturers validate the CEIV pharma checklist and audit methodology?

CEIV 2.0

A follow-up project to CEIV 1.0 to evaluate the CEIV pharma certification programme and its impact on daily businesses.

CGT (Cell and Gene Therapy)

What are the future special standards for transporting Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) products?

Corridor 1.0

How can we ensure quality when coordinating pharma shipments?

Corridor 2.0

Following Corridor 1.0, the Pharma Corridor Project 2.0 has the objective of designing and validating a more detailed Protocol Template.

Covid-19 Vaccines roll-out

Feedback and experiences of Pharma.Aero members in the actual handling and transportation of the COVID-19 vaccines.

DIGI 1.0

Can a unique dashboard be used to enhance the visibility throughout the supply chain?

DIGI 2.0

As a result of Digi 1.0, Digi 2.0 was born as a prototype: the Global Pharma Tracker (GPT).

Green Pharma Logistics 1.0

Our Green Pharma Logistics 1.0 Project will focus on different aspects of Sustainability in the pharma logistics sector.

Lean Logistics for Vaccines

A success case in Uruguay: distribution of the Covid-19 vaccines from the airport to the patient.

Pharma QRG (Quick Reference Guide)

How to gather all necessary information for organizing a successful TTSP transportation and clarify requirements for handling TTSP, for involved stakeholders at an arrival airport?


Pharma.Aero and TIACA teamed up to shine light on COVID-19 vaccines transport requirements and global airfreight readiness.

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

A project to study the use of UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) as a transport mode for last-mile delivery.

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