Pharma QRG (Quick Reference Guide)

Project purpose

Covid Pandemic taught us that Time & Temperature Sensitive Pharmaceuticals (TTSP) need to be delivered worldwide in proper conditions, regardless of the local airport setup and in line with international and local regulations, all while not affecting the product integrity.

Although packaging is key to safeguard the product, it offers limited protection. Therefore, timing of operations from departure to destination warehouses are essential, so is efficient and timely coordination among the different stakeholders, taking in consideration international and local regulations.

It is clear that destination information on customs process and warehouse capabilities as well as operational processes at arrival warehouse should be collected in advance.

Project objective(s)

Based on the existing standards in place (CEIV, GDP, other) and the expertise coming from the Pharma.Aero projects and members, we aim to create a rapid guideline to be used for shipping TTSP to remote airports and/or located in an emergency geopolitical region in order to guarantee the minimal basic approach and make air transportation successful.

The deliverables would be a pre-flight checklist (capabilities, process times) as input to route planning and an arrival checklist for each involved stakeholders at an airport.

Project status and key-takeaways

Project ongoing, following the steps:

  • Work Package 1: Identify the minimum requirements (based on existing standards) for a transport plan and the Key Players of the Airport – done
  • Work Package 2: Identify typical constraints (potential challenges) and possible workable solutions in a pre-flight checklist and an arrival checklist – validation by project members – done
  • TEST PHASE – efficiency evaluation – ongoing
  • Work Package 3: Issue Guidelines and checklists (deliverables) for stakeholders to successfully transfer TTSP – Technical report
  • Work Package 4: Document and publish WP1 to WP3 – White paper

Project support and collaboration

  • Pharma.Aero Board liaison: Brussels Airport
  • Project lead: Swissport
  • Project members: Expeditors, Hong Kong Airport, Qatar Airways, Astral Aviation, Pharma Shippers members of Pharma.Aero
  • Project external support: Martin Koehnke (external consultant)
  • Project manager: Céline Crahay, 3CeL (external consultant)

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