General terms and conditions

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  1. Membership / Associate Partnership:

The member will support Pharma.Aero to achieve its goal. Depending on what is mentioned on the front of this page, the member/partner will participate in Pharma.Aero as either a

(a)       STRATEGIC MEMBER. The strategic member agrees to comply with the Statutes and the Internal Regulations of the membership collaboration group. The strategic membership will grant to the strategic member participation in the General Assembly  (GA) with one vote and the right to participate in the election of the Board of Directors. The strategic member shall designate a senior representative to act as its representative in the GA.

(b)       FULL MEMBER. The full member agrees to comply with the Statutes and Internal Regulations of the membership collaboration group.

(c)       ASSOCIATE PARTNER. The associate partner agrees to comply with the Statutes and Internal Regulations of the sponsorship collaboration group.

  1. Membership fee / Associate Partner fee

Membership/Associate Partner fees have to be paid in full in order to obtain voting rights and/or in order to be able to participate in events and projects. The Pharma.Aero General Assembly will review and vote on the fees on a yearly basis at the general meeting.

  1. Payment conditions

Amounts are due to be paid in euro on Pharma.Aero’s bank account, indicating the invoice number as a reference in your payment.

Any bank costs related to the payment are at the expense of the client.

Payments are due within 30 days.

In the event of late payment of membership/sponsorship fee/masterclass seats, default interest at the legal rate will be added, by right and without prior notice, to amounts due. Late payment may result in voting rights suspension and/ or exclusion from project groups in case of membership or sponsorship fee.

Objections relating to invoices are to be submitted by registered mail to Pharma.Aero vzw, Bedrijvenzone Machelen 706, box 92, BE-1830 Machelen, Belgium, within ten (10) days following the invoice date, in default of which they cannot be recognized. The postmark will serve as proof.

These general terms and conditions cannot be departed from, except by prior agreement in specific instances expressly stipulated in writing by Pharma.Aero vzw.

  1. Term and termination of the Membership / Associate Partnership

By payment of the Membership/Associate Partner fee the member/associate partner accepts the Statutes and Internal regulations of Pharma.Aero. This membership / sponsorship shall become effective upon payment date and shall remain in force for one (1) year.  It shall then automatically be renewed for one (1) year unless terminated by the member / associate partner or Pharma.Aero by giving prior written notice to the other Party of at least two (2) months before renewal date.

  1. Applicable law and competent court

Belgian law is applicable.

The courts of Brussels are competent for all discussions with regard to the start, the execution and the termination of the Membership/Partnership.

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