CEIV 1.0

Project purpose

In order to increase the recognition of CEIV by the shippers and their acceptance of the checklist and audit methodology, IATA entrusted pharma.aero with an evaluation of the program by and in collaboration with the shippers. This evaluation had a dual purpose: to increase the confidence of shippers by giving them detailed knowledge of the criteria used; and to allow them to add elements to the checklist so that it would better meet their requirements. Based on this feedback, IATA would complement and adjust the program.

Project objective(s)

The project group evaluates to which extent pharmaceutical manufacturers can validate the checklist and the audit methodology, aiming at obtaining an endorsed audit format.

Project status and key-takeaways

This project was finalized in February 2020.

The project’s technical paper (available for pharma.aero members only) includes the following points:

  1. Audit Finding Methodology:
    • Classification Minor- Major-Critical
    • Frequency of Supplier audit
    • Recertification CEIV stakeholders
    • Define which stakeholders should be CEIV audited in the Cool Chain
  2. Challenges
  3. Topics that should receive more attention in the CEIV checklist

The main conclusions are:

  • Simplified audit processes: CEIV certified suppliers should not have to be audited again by the pharma shipper or at least less frequently and less strictly
  • Aligning of the pharma shipper procedures with the CEIV standards: shippers propose to introduce a combination of self-assessment of their own processes and of the formal IATA-audit, the result being a sort of light version audit
  • More audit focus on the airside transport service providers: more emphasis should be put on the airside transport service providers, since most temperature excursions occur on the tarmac
  • Better audit transparency on the station capabilities and performance: the shippers consider that there is a need to implement transparency in the entire cold supply chain for at least temperature excursions and relevant incidents.

Read more details in the White Paper.

Project support and collaboration

  • Project lead: Brussels Airport Company
  • Project members: Johnson & Johnson, MSD, Pfizer
  • Project manager: Geert Verniers, 4Advice (external consultant)

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