CGT (Cell & Gene Therapies)

Project purpose

Cell and gene therapies arouse and are slowly growing and these types of therapies require specialized logistics such as real-time monitoring of temperature, storage, security, etc. The logistic sector needs to adapt and communicate with the developers and manufacturers to understand each other’s language and define together the best and most efficient transport solutions.

Project objective(s)

The main objective of this project is to broaden the current knowledge of air transportation of BioPharma and CGT (Cellular Therapy and Gene Therapy) products.

Project status and key-takeaways

Project structure:

  • Work Package 1: Run a market analysis to understand the current logistic capabilities, constraints and challenges. Write a first report (available to Pharma.Aero membership only)
  • Work Package 2: Identify the needs, the awareness and maturity level regarding the sector’s opportunities and challenges through a survey to our members and partners. Draft guidelines and list of recommendations.
  • Work Package 3: Discuss and brainstorm the topic and logistics challenges during a Webinar with our members/partners and the industry. Speakers from the logistics industry and from the pharmaceutical/ATMP industry
  • Work Package 4: Create a Technical Report (shared with Pharma.Aero members only). White Paper publication.

Project support and collaboration

  • Pharma.Aero Board liaison: Edmonton Airport
  • Project lead: Milton De la Paz, DFW (Dallas Fort Worth)
  • Project members: Pharma.Aero members and partners participating in the survey
  • Project external support: BioNTX (Bio North Texas), GeneTether Therapeutics, Taysha Gene Therapies
  • Project manager and expert: Franck Toussaint, BSMA (external consultant)

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