Lean Logistics for Vaccines

Project purpose

The Covid-19 pandemic created an unprecedented challenge. The vaccine delivery system had to be modified in order to significantly exceed historical vaccination rates under much more demanding circumstances.

Project objective(s)

Through this project, Pharma.Aero wanted to share the innovative Covid-19 vaccines distribution strategy “Lean Logistics for Vaccines” developed in Uruguay.

Project status and key-takeaways

This project was finalized in September 2021.

The last-mile distribution model adopted involves the preparation of unit orders and direct delivery from the airport to the vaccination centers, which shorten the supply chain and improve the lead times within the value chain of the vaccines (eliminates unnecessary steps, reduces risks, costs and time).

One of the lessons learned by the team in Uruguay is that the integration of information systems is vital and should be developed at an early stage to allow for better planning and visibility.

A key success factor in this case was that the airport did not simply limit itself to the role of logistics operator (providing infrastructure and services) but became directly involved in the design and implementation of the distribution system.

The experience in Uruguay showed that the logistics model is feasible and efficient.  Overall, this strategy has been successful, meeting the supply chain requirements, especially in preserving the cold and the ultra-cold chain.

Read more details in the White Paper and watch the video of the full operation HERE.

Project support and collaboration

  • Pharma.Aero Board liaison and project lead: Montevideo Free Airport (now LACC: Latin America Cargo City)
  • Project members: 10 members respondents to the survey
  • Project expert: Marcel Barceló (external consultant)
  • Projet manager: Raúl Bianchi (external consultant)

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