Corridor 1.0

Project purpose

Pharma shippers typically lack visibility in the handling standards applied and the associated risk of excursions. They have identified the following challenges: quality standards along supply chain, seamless temperature-controlled handling, visibility and traceability.

Project objective(s)

The major goal of this project is to provide the best assurance in handling quality to pharmaceutical shippers by connecting airports with CEIV Pharma certified airlines and cargo handling communities.

Project status and key-takeaways

This project was finalized in October 2020.

There were two major goals identified within the project:

  1. To establish a standard protocol for mapping the corridor
  2. To test the mapping protocol on pharmaceutical shipments over the identified corridor.

The main conclusions are:

  1. Endorsement of quality assurance: all supply chain adhered to the SLAs and KPIs established during CEIV certification and affirmed the quality excellence of the corridor protocol
  2. Identification of temperature exposure risk: statistics showed that thermal dollies are effective in protecting shipments from prolonged exposure to ambient temperature and improve the performance reliability
  3. Optimization of operation: deep diving into the different company internal protocols and KPIs showed that a certain standardization is necessary to harmonize the overall shipment handling.

Read more details in the White Paper.

Project support and collaboration

  • Pharma.Aero Board liaison: Brussels Airport Company
  • Project leads: Brussels Airport Company, Hong Kong International Airport
  • Project members: Cathay Pacific, Johnson & Johnson, MSD, Pfizer, Swissport
  • Project external support: Brinks Life Sciences, World Freight Services
  • Project manager: Geert Leroy, assisted by Marie Bouillaud (external consultants)

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