Corridor 2.0

Project purpose

For the past years, the industry has been calling for the creation of standard procedures, based on key performance indicators, in order to provide quality assurance for pharmaceuticals shipments.

Pharma.Aero members indicated the need for a transparent and objective mapping of pharma corridors based on a standard and validated model.

Project objective(s)

The objective of this project is to publish a protocol template that could be used by Pharma.Aero members for mapping, testing and validating future pharma corridors.

Project status and key-takeaways

This project was finalized in December 2021.

The detailed protocol, with a step-by-step methodology, was developed, verified and assessed through a series of test shipments over the Brussels – Miami lane. This document could be used as a tool for future corridor projects and is only available to our members.

A few lessons learned were shared with the entire industry on the following:

  • Data collection
  • Root cause analysis
  • Route qualification
  • Lane risk management

Read more details in the White Paper.

Project support and collaboration

  • Pharma.Aero Board liaison: Brussels Airport Company
  • Project leads: Brussels Airport Company and Miami International Airport
  • Project members: Amerijet, va-Q-tec
  • Project external support: Aviapartner, Validaide, 4Advice
  • Project expert: Bert Elsen, 4Advice (external consultant)
  • Project manager: Céline Crahay, 3CeL (external consultant)

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