Who we are

Connecting those who care to those who cure

we are Pharma.Aero

Despite what our name suggests, we don’t make medicines nor fly planes. Instead, we are the essential link that transports medicine, cures and vaccines from where they are manufactured to the places that need them most. We are a portal, designed for collaboration across industries. A place where LifeScience and Medtech shippers, IATA CEIV cargo firms, airport operators and logistics specialists can collaborate, coordinate projects, address challenges and create supply chains to transport medicine and healing across the planet.


We make medicine move
We carry cures with care
We send hope through the skies
And healing across the seas.

Pharma.Aero channels the might of two giant industries:
LifeScience and Airfreight.

Combining diagnostics with logistics
Medicines with supply chains.

To bring hope and healing
to every corner of the globe.

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