DIGI 1.0

Project purpose

Temperature excursions during the air transportation of pharmaceutical shipments carry a big cost to the pharma industry. To minimise and prevent such excursions, shippers want a greater transparency throughout the supply chain. The idea was raised that a coherent and uniform door-to-door data stream on shipment level being hosted on a common data sharing platform could be a solution.

Project objective(s)

The project aims to prove that different shipment data from different systems and in different formats can be ingested and displayed on a dashboard to enhance the visibility throughout the supply chain.

Project status and key-takeaways

This project was finalized in 2018.

To develop this platform and establish transparent and certified pharma trade lanes, Pharma.Aero determined two main levers:

  1. The identification of data (e.g. common KPIs) that must be collected amongst stakeholders
  2. The definition of the required technologies to collect, integrate and share these data in the form of a dashboard

A prerequisite is that the different stakeholders must be willing to work together and to share data. The project group developed a proof-of-concept that it was possible to collect and combine different data streams into a single data-sharing platform. This model was subsequently presented to our strategic pharma shipper members and received their acceptance.

Read more details in the White Paper.

Project support and collaboration

  • Project leads: Changi Airport Group, Pfizer
  • Project members: Brussels Airport Company, DHL Global Forwarding, Envirotainer, EuroAirport, Johnson & Johnson, MSD, Mumbai Airport, MVD Free Airport (now LACC), Singapore Airlines
  • Project external support: Brussels Airlines
  • Project manager: Geert Leroy, Eureachi (external consultant)

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