Green Pharma Logistics 1.0

Project purpose

Project objective(s)

Address different aspect of the sustainability topic, to face and overcome challenges of the industry.

The first focus is on Green Lane and the objective of this first project is to develop a set of standards that qualifies pharma trade lanes as “Green Lanes” to ensure that sustainability goals are achieved by all stakeholders along the air pharma supply chain.

This project would support the shippers and forwarders to make informed decisions, when selecting a lane, by incorporating these new environment sustainability criteria.

Project status and key-takeaways

First focus (Green Lane) – Project ongoing, following the steps:

  • Work Package 1 – Workshop: Referencing the BlueSky framework, to conduct a workshop among our shipper and non-shipper members to refine the areas of focus, priorities and assessment criteria specific and relevant to pharma shippers’ scope 3 targets.
  • Work Package 2 – Validation and Methodology: Referencing the BlueSky process, to develop a bespoke validation and grading methodology when evaluating a Green Lane (involving: shippers, freight forwarders, airlines, cargo handlers, airports).
  • Work Package 3 – Test phase: Conduct a trial on major air pharma trade lanes. Method of this test should be endorsed by the pharma shippers. Based on the results, refine assessment, validation and grading methodology.
  • Work Package 4 – Publications: Publish Technical Report and White Paper

Project support and collaboration

  • Pharma.Aero Board liaison: Brussels Airport
  • Project lead: Brussels Airport, Changi Airport Group
  • Project members: CSC India, Cold Chain Technologies, DSV, Edmonton Airport, EMBALL’ISO, Etihad, LACC, MSD, Pfizer, Turkish Airlines, Validaide.
  • Project manager: Céline Crahay, 3CeL (external consultant)

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