Unveiling Pharma.Aero’s collaborative podcast, “Insights” | Inaugural episode available now, with special guests PSA BDP, Swissport and Emball’iso

Pharma.Aero is proud to announce the launch of its collaborative podcast, an exciting addition to its mission of driving innovation and knowledge sharing. The podcast delves deep into the complexities of the life sciences and med tech supply chain, presenting a unique opportunity to explore challenges, issues, and innovative ideas that shape the industry.

“We created this powerful platform for our Pharma.Aero members and partners, to further showcase their valuable expertise and insights on topics relevant to our industry”, says Trevor Caswell, Chairman of Pharma.Aero. “The podcast is a space where we can engage in enlightening discussions, share valuable experiences, and inspire one another to reach new heights.”

The inaugural series of the podcast focuses on a topic of utmost importance – environmental sustainability within the healthcare supply chain. Bringing together a diverse range of stakeholders, the series aims to uncover the significance of sustainability for different players within the pharmaceutical logistics ecosystem.

“We believe that exploring environmental sustainability in healthcare logistics is crucial, as it is not only about the well-being of our industry but also the well-being of the planet,” says Frank Van Gelder, Secretary General of Pharma.Aero. “Through this podcast, we aim to shed light on the sustainability objectives and practices in each segment, understand the costs involved in achieving them, and contemplate the choices we have in prioritizing sustainability.”

The debut episode of the Pharma.Aero podcast boasts an impressive lineup of guests, all esteemed members of Pharma.Aero community: Darrel Chong, Global Head of Lifesciences & Healthcare at PSA BDP, Andreas Behnke, CEO and Station Manager Basel at Swissport, and Florence Lehec, Head of Marketing at Emball’iso. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, providing valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of implementing sustainable practices in their respective segments of the healthcare supply chain.

Listeners can look forward to thought-provoking discussions that will not only illuminate the complexities of the pharmaceutical supply chain but also inspire actionable solutions for a greener, more responsible industry.

The podcast is now available on popular podcast platforms, and on youtube, for those who prefer a visual experience.



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