Pharma.Aero’s Prominent Role at FlyPharma Europe Conference in Vienna

Pharma.Aero takes centre stage at the recent FlyPharma Europe Conference, by organizing the workshop on collaboration and participating in the panel discussion about innovations in healthcare logistics. Furthermore, as part of FlyPharma Europe Steering Committee, Pharma.Aero played a pivotal role in co-creating and designing the program of the 2-day event.

1️⃣ Workshop on the Art of Collaboration: On 10 October, Pharma.Aero’s Secretary General Frank Van Gelder crafted an engaging workshop that dared to push participants out of their comfort zones. With over 100 delegates from various sectors, including freight forwarders, solution providers, airports, airlines, and life science manufacturing, the challenge was to foster collaboration. The exercise wasn’t just about solving a case; it was about understanding the intention, and actively seeking #collaboration, even with other groups working on the same challenge. By bringing together participants from different backgrounds and encouraging them to think outside the box, we demonstrated the power of cross-industry cooperation.

2️⃣ Panel on Innovations in Healthcare Logistics: On Day 2 panel discussion, Pharma.Aero delved into the newest innovations poised to reshape the healthcare and logistics landscapes. With experts from diverse sectors, the audience gained valuable insights into how technology is driving transformation.

Pharma.Aero‘s role at 2023 FlyPharma Europe is proof of our dedication to fostering innovation and promoting collaboration across industries to find solutions for the complex challenges facing the pharmaceutical and logistics landscape.

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