Pharma.Aero’s Green Air Pharma Logistics Project Paving the Way for Sustainable Air Logistics

In a concerted effort to enhance sustainability within the pharmaceutical and life sciences supply chain, Pharma.Aero has launched a groundbreaking project focused on defining the key attributes of a green air pharma lane. The Green Air Pharma Logistics Project with a focus on a green lane is part of a broader initiative to promote environmental sustainability within the industry.

The primary goal of this project is to assist pharmaceutical manufacturers and freight forwarders in integrating sustainability considerations into their freight procurement and lane assessment processes, ultimately contributing to their Scope 3 emission reduction targets. Additionally, it seeks to empower freight forwarders and airlines to develop environmentally friendly pharmaceutical products and value propositions, aligning with their customers’ sustainability objectives.

Climate change is a global health issue. The Pharma and Life Science industry is regarded as a carbon-intensive sector, and Scope 3 emissions account for over 80% of total emissions generated. Sustainability is an important focus area for Changi Airport Group. As airports serve as a common platform for various aviation partners, we believe in actively identifying industry challenges and measures toward building a sustainable air cargo hub.

Jaisey Yip, Vice President Cargo Business Division at Changi Airport Group, Founding Member of Pharma.Aero, Project Lead

Pharma.Aero’s Green Air Pharma Logistics Project has received strong interest and extensive support from a wide range of industry leaders, demonstrating the commitment to sustainability within the pharmaceutical and life sciences supply chain.

An interim report, based on insightful interviews with key stakeholders, has already provided valuable context and key takeaways. These insights formed the basis of an interactive workshop held during the Pharma Logistics Masterclass in Singapore, where participants worked together to further define the qualitative and quantitative measurements of a Green Air Pharma Lane.

Frank Van Gelder, Secretary General of Pharma.Aero, outlines the organization’s vision and mission of promoting collaboration within the industry.

Today, it is crystal clear that addressing sustainability challenges correctly is only possible through cross-industry collaborative initiatives. Pharma.Aero stands among the trendsetters shaping the industry's path toward tangible solutions. We embarked on this project fully aware that it may take a few more years to achieve our envisioned goals.
Through such projects, Pharma.Aero aims to foster a comprehensive understanding of the industry's sustainability landscape and identify opportunities for collaboration and improvement. Our ultimate goal is to pave the way towards a greener future for pharmaceutical logistics.

Frank Van Gelder, Secretary General of Pharma.Aero

The findings of the Green Air Pharma Logistics Project will be presented in a technical report shared exclusively with Pharma.Aero members and partners. Key takeaways will also be part of a white paper accessible to the broader industry and the public, opening up new avenues for sustainable pursuits in pharmaceutical logistics.

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