Pharma.Aero takes center stage at FlyPharma Europe Conference in Vienna (23 – 24 October 2024)

Pharma.Aero will play a central role in the upcoming FlyPharma Europe conference in Vienna AirportCity (23 – 24 October). Frank Van Gelder, Secretary General of Pharma.Aero, will kick off the conference with a “wake-up call” providing invaluable insights into the ongoing transformations, regulatory frameworks, and technological advancements revolutionizing the pharma and cargo industry. On day two of the conference, Frank Van Gelder will host the interactive workshop “Strategic Innovation: From Vision to Action”.

Strategic Innovation Workshop: From Vision to Action
24 October, 9:00 – 10:00 am
Frank Van Gelder, Pharma.Aero

Key approaches to work together on and divided over different groups

  • Crafting Visionary Strategies: Dive into the process of transforming mission and vision statements into actionable business strategies. Apply techniques to assess strategy effectiveness and ensure alignment with organizational goals.
  • Building the Implementation Engine: Explore the critical components of a robust implementation engine and discover how to construct one for your group.
  • Mapping Strategy for Impact: Learn strategies to effectively communicate your organization’s vision and strategy to stakeholders. Understand the importance of strategy mapping and how to align strategic goals with implementation objectives.
  • Navigating Change for Success: Delve into the inherent link between strategy implementation and organizational change. Explore methods to rally stakeholders and energize them for the strategy implementation journey

As part of this partnership, all Pharma.Aero members and associate partners are offered an exclusive 25% discount on conference registration. To claim your discount, please check your emails for the promo code and use it when registering on the FlyPharma Europe website before June 30th.

Over the course of two days, the conference will delve into key areas and beyond through presentations and panel discussions. Attendees will have ample opportunities to engage with speakers through live Q&A sessions and extended networking gatherings, which include an exclusive gala dinner at Palais Ferstal.

– R&D logistics | How to drive efficiency for pharma logistics using Operational Excellence principles
– Unlocking Pharma Supply Chain Transparency | Leveraging Digital Twins on Blockchain
– Data-Driven Transformation | Maximizing Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Efficiency with S&O Data
– Risk Assessment in the pharmaceutical supply chain as a basic tool in GDP and backbone for the Transport Process Validation
– Navigating Turbulence | Synergizing Pharma Shipment Contingency Plans with Air Freight Crisis Management
– Sustainability in the cold chain |
What are the technologies needed for facilitation?
– Trends & Challenges in Pharma Sourcing & Procurement |
Relationship Management and the Procurement´s Operational Arm
– Strategic Innovation Workshop
: From vision to action
– Ethical Adoption Pathways |
AI in Pharma Airfreight Logistics
– How can the certification drive to deliver integration of standards and continuous improvement of quality temperature-controlled air cargo shipments?
– Streamlining the tax processes
in pharma/logistics

For further details or personalized assistance with the registration, please contact Simon Caplan at

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