NEW RELEASE | Pharma.Aero Publishes White Paper Examining Digitalization in Life Science Logistics

Following the completion of the project Innovation in Motion, Pharma.Aero releases the White Paper offering in-depth insights into the digitalization of logistics within the life science and MedTech industries. The comprehensive publication, enriched by the valuable contributions of Pharma.Aero members, delves into key trends, digital solutions, and challenges shaping the future of pharmaceutical logistics.

Through this project, Pharma.Aero aimed to provide a balanced understanding of the technical prerequisites and implications of next-gen digital technologies in the life science and MedTech logistics ecosystem. By integrating AI and data-driven approaches, the pharmaceutical industry can potentially enhance predictability, minimize risks, and uphold quality standards in critical shipments.

Read the White Paper_Innovation in Motion Project

Access the White Paper to gain in-depth insights into the intersection of digital technologies and pharmaceutical logistics. The document not only showcases the collective expertise of Pharma.Aero members but also provides valuable recommendations for navigating the evolving landscape of the industry.

  • Pharmaceutical Logistics Trends & Requirements

  • Digital Solutions for Evolving Trends and Challenges

  • Achieving End-to-End Visibility in Cold Chain with IoT and Sensors

  • IoT & Cold Chain Management

  • Enabling Predictive Risk Mitigation with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Delve into a real-world use case with insights from MSD, exploring the applicability of next-gen digital technologies in a pharmaceutical context. Understand how these technologies are reshaping industry practices and enhancing operational efficiency.

Prior to the White Paper, an even more detailed and comprehensive Technical Report was exclusively shared with Pharma.Aero members. 

Special thanks to our Pharma.Aero members who actively contributed valuable insights to the project, shaping the comprehensive findings presented in the White Paper. Their expertise and perspectives have played a significant role in enriching the analysis and recommendations within this document.

As the White Paper becomes available, Pharma.Aero invites stakeholders in the life science, MedTech, and logistics sectors to engage in collaborative efforts. The insights shared in this document lay the groundwork for informed decision-making and strategic planning, fostering a future where digitalization plays a pivotal role in shaping the pharmaceutical supply chain., and explore the characteristics and benefits of next-generation digital technologies within the context of pharma logistics implementation.

Project’s Team

Samuel Speltdoorn | Brussels Airport Company | Pharma.Aero Board Liaison

Yue Ming, Liew Zhong Yao, Renee Gan | Changi Airport Group | Project Leads

Irene S L Lau, Caroline Y W Cheung, Sharon S K Yip | Hong Kong Airport Authority | Project Leads

Virginia Domina, Righart Stroobant, Anne Julie Verhaeghe | KPMG | Project Experts & Project Managers

Sara Van Lerberghe | Pharma.Aero Projects Coordinator

Frank Van Gelder | Pharma.Aero Secretary General











































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