Project Sunrays: Bringing speed, reliability and visibility in the air transportation of Covid-19 vaccines to the world

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused disruptions to global pharmaceutical supply chains due to airfreight capacity challenges arising from global lockdowns and passenger flights suspension. Pharma shippers have to immediately rethink their supply chain strategies to ensure timely and effective distribution for their products. As pharmaceutical manufacturers race to develop Covid-19 vaccines, they realise the massive logistical challenges ahead of them when the life-saving vaccines would need to be manufactured and distributed to almost 8 billion people worldwide with agility, quality and reliability.

In view of the above, Pharma.Aero and TIACA are teaming up in a joint project – Project Sunrays – to shine a light on and establish useful guidelines to ensure the proper and safe handling, storage, and transport of the highly expected volume of COVID-19 vaccines. This is in support of our airfreight industry to get ready for this unprecedent challenge and collectively fight against the global pandemic.  The name of the project – Project Sunrays – was chosen not only for its positive connotation, but it also implies speed, reliability and visibility in the air transportation of the vaccines to the world.

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