Worldwide Flight Services (WFS)


At WFS, as our ground handling business has continued to grow year-on-year all over the world, we have never lost sight on one important fact; it’s not the biggest that succeed, it’s the best.

To be the best, our teams of cargo, passenger and ramp handling experts in more than 170 major airport locations in over 22 countries on five continents know they have to perform to the highest level for our customers every single day, and they do. Our business is built on working closely with every customer, on understanding the requirements of their business, and ensuring we not only meet their expectations but also use our knowledge and expertise to find ways to help them grow.

Today, we are proud to work with more than 270 major airlines and airports globally that put their trust in WFS every day. Every passenger we welcome, every piece of cargo we process, and every aircraft we handle is another test of our quality and reliability, and our ability to operate safely and securely. We are confident that we have a global team of handling professionals that ensure we consistently meet this challenge.



Marc Claesen, Manager


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