White Paper of the CEIV 2.0 Project Released | Pharma.Aero Proposes Tangible Solutions to Enhance the Pharma CEIV Program, in Collaboration with IATA

The White Paper of the CEIV 2.0 – Phase 2: Implementation was released, marking the completion of the 2-year project aimed at offering the pharma airfreight industry’s perspective and setting concrete potential solutions to optimize IATA’s CEIV Pharma certification program.

Read here the White Paper of the CEIV 2.0 – Phase 2: Implementation

After almost a decade of IATA CEIV Pharma certification and accrediting hundreds of companies worldwide, the logistics market signals a need for additional support to consolidate the certification process so that it maintains its relevance, penetrates underserved markets and becomes more accessible for small enterprises.

Pharma.Aero and IATA collaborated on this investigation, with the direct feedback and support of the Pharma.Aero global membership.
Surveys conducted with certified companies clearly showed opportunities for improvements in the certification process, subsequent training modules, and adjustments to the assessment checklist layout.

Furthermore, IATA is encouraged to proactively approach authorities at global and local scales and gather endorsement to position CEIV Pharma certification as equivalent to or integrated with GDP in the airfreight industry.

The project concludes with a call for continuous efforts to increase visibility for IATA CEIV Pharma within the life science manufacturing sector and a refreshed visual identity to signify a commitment to the program.

CEIV 2.0 Phase 1: Evaluation Pharma.Aero suggests 5 measures to improve CEIV Pharma ( – January 2023

The completion of Pharma.Aero’s CEIV 2.0 Phase 2: Implementation project marks a significant step forward in enhancing the effectiveness and recognition of IATA’s Pharma CEIV certification program. With a renewed focus on collaboration, transparency, and continuous improvement, the program is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of the pharmaceutical logistics industry and ensure the safe and efficient transportation of vital healthcare products worldwide.

Read here the White Paper of the CEIV 2.0 – Phase 1: Evaluation

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