BRUSSELS, 28 June 2021

Pharma.Aero Conducted a Retrospective Performance Review of Air Cargo in the Initial Global COVID-19 Vaccines Roll-out

It has been about six months since the global COVID-19 vaccines distribution exercise was kicked off. Pharma.Aero recently conducted a retrospective performance review of air cargo by collating insights within Pharma.Aero membership on the measures undertaken, their hands-on experience and lessons learned from the initial handling and transportation of the COVID-19 vaccines, as well as from our Pharma Shippers on how air cargo has responded to the humanitarian task thus far. The project aims to provide additional insights to heighten industry readiness as more COVID-19 vaccines are being manufactured and shipped worldwide, as well as for any new emergencies that might be ahead of us.

The project revealed that the air cargo industry has performed generally well during the initial global rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. From the membership survey and consultation, all member respondents have implemented new initiatives related to speed, reliability, security and transparency to improve on their handling and transportation of COVID-19 vaccine shipments. Despite the initial affirmation from vaccine manufacturers, a collective call was made for the air cargo industry to maintain the current strong attention to details, high service levels and close partnerships that have been forged.

Jaisey Yip, General Manager (Cargo & Logistics Development), Singapore Changi Airport and Vice Chairman, Pharma.Aero said, “With more COVID-19 vaccine candidates receive approval, and more doses are produced, working collectively with logistic partners in the supply chain, government agencies, vaccines manufacturers, and the community to highlight potential problems, to share knowledge openly and to exchange lessons learned is key and will be even so post-pandemic in the face of growing pressure on air cargo.

About Pharma.Aero:

Pharma.Aero, a non-profit organization with its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, aims to achieve excellence in reliable end-to-end air transportation for Life Science and Medtech shippers, by fostering collaboration between CEIV certified airport communities dedicated in developing and pioneering when it comes to handling, storage and air transportation of pharmaceuticals.

Pharma.Aero brings added value for the shipper by placing them as strategic priorities of Pharma.Aero, providing insights into the capabilities of the air cargo industry, as well as facilitating direct collaboration with the different air cargo stakeholders in the supply chain. Together, the organisation focuses on collaborative and continuous improvement of the Life Science and Medtech air cargo supply chain.

Pharma.Aero is an organisation that is proud to walk the talk. Jointly with our members, we co-ideate and co-develop projects that focus on end-to-end supply chain visibility solutions and address air transportation issues and challenges faced by the Life Science and Medtech industry. Since its inception in 2016, Pharma.Aero initiated and completed six projects. Consequently, technical papers for our members and white papers for the entire industry were published.

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Frank Van Gelder, Secretary General
Pharma.Aero VZW

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