Pharma.Aero announces two Full Members – Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and AirBridgeCargo Airlines

Pharma.Aero enlarges its membership base with another new airport member – Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Pharma.Aero also welcomes the return of AirBridgeCargo Airlines.

Trevor Caswell, Vice-Chairman at Pharma.Aero added, “We are thrilled to announce the recent addition of our two Full Members to the Pharma.Aero family.  Both of our members bring cross industry value and strengthen our global community.  Since pharmaceutical logistics is such a specialized discipline, it is imperative that our CEIV community members continue to provide end-to-end collaboration efforts, that only strengthen the entire air supply chain.”

Milton De La Paz, Vice President of Airline Relations at Dallas Fort Worth said, “In our commitment to achieving excellence in the special handling requirements of pharmaceutical and life science products, DFW International Airport has made strategic investments in cold chain facilities, infrastructure and digitalization of our cargo community. DFW is proud to be one of only two airports in the U.S. with IATA CEIV Pharma community certification. We are excited to join Pharma.Aero, an organization which has demonstrated effective cross industry collaboration, particularly with pharma shippers and other CEIV Pharma communities.  We look forward to exploring solutions, sharing knowledge and contributing to safeguarding product integrity to ensure the wellbeing and better health for consumers everywhere.”

Yulia Celetaria, Global Director Pharma at AirBridgeCargo Airlines commented, “Resuming our active membership in the Pharma.Aero platform is extremely important for us, especially today when the whole world relies on air freight in terms of reliable and safe vaccine transportation. Our joint efforts will guide us through these turbulent times towards the creation of stable and common rules for all the stakeholders. Not only has Pharma.Aero expanded its influence and regional coverage in the recent years but it has also strengthened its collaboration with like-minded industry partners across the globe to guarantee the integrity of life-saving products and we look forward to shaping the future of pharmaceutical logistics together.

About Pharma.Aero:

Pharma.Aero, a non-profit organization with its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, aims to achieve excellence in reliable end-to-end air transportation for Life Science and  Medtech shippers, by fostering collaboration between CEIV certified airport communities dedicated in developing and pioneering when it comes to handling, storage and air transportation of pharmaceuticals.

Pharma.Aero brings added value for the shipper by placing them as strategic priorities of Pharma.Aero, providing insights into the capabilities of the air cargo industry, as well as facilitating direct collaboration with the different air cargo stakeholders in the supply chain. Together, the organisation focuses on collaborative and continuous improvement of the Life Science and Medtech air cargo supply chain.

Pharma.Aero is an organisation that is proud to walk the talk. Jointly with our members, we co-ideate and co-develop projects that focus on end-to-end supply chain visibility solutions and address air transportation issues and challenges faced by the Life Science and Medtech industry. Since its inception in 2016, Pharma.Aero initiated and completed 6 projects. Consequently, technical papers for our members and white papers for the entire industry were published.

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Frank Van Gelder

Secretary General
Pharma.Aero VZW

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