Pharma.Aero leads the way with the CGT logistics project. White Paper published

The CGT Project team has finalized the White Paper of our Pharma.Aero project that explores the fast-developing sector of Cell and Gene Therapies and the particularities that have an impact on its logistics. The project’s main goal was to broaden the current knowledge of this next-generation market and offer a better understanding of its transportation requirements. Its findings are presented in a White Paper that offers a clearer view and a more detailed perspective on this emerging industry, identifies key logistical challenges and highlights some key points where the supply chain stakeholders could act. 

Pharma.Aero enrolled on the project with its global network of over 50 Life Science logistics stakeholders and several external partners and organizations.  

▶ Read the CGT White Paper 

The project’s first step was to run a market analysis by conducting a thorough desk research on value, type of products, products’ requirements, current logistic capabilities, and constraints.  

▶ Read more about the CGT Market Analysis  

Following the Market Opportunity Analysis, the project team conducted a survey among the Pharma.Aero members and partners, to capture the level of knowledge, and interest in the ATMP sector and its logistical challenges and opportunities. The survey explored multiple directions, from general knowledge of the sector and logistics, to certification aspects and interest in playing a more important role in the sector’s logistics. The survey provided valuable information on directions worth being further explored and developed. Based on the results of the ATMP internal survey, Pharma.Aero organized a CGT Webinar to further deep dive into the ATMP/CGT sector and its logistical requirements. Experts in the ATMP manufacturing and logistics sector shared first-hand insights and knowledge for a better understanding of the sector and its requirements. 

▶ Read more about the CGT Webinar 

The White Paper presents a number of key actions that need to be taken to ensure the development of this industry.  

  • Strengthen the skills of the players in the airfreight sector 

  • Facilitate the flow of materials and substances 

  • Reduce time/ Eliminate time loss  

  • Identify products as specific to the CGT industry 

  • Limit regulatory constraints and upgrade CEIV  

As an additional positive result of the Pharma.Aero’s CGT Project, many links have been established with industry organizations, manufacturing companies and other, highly specialized, supply chain stakeholders. Pharma.Aero will capitalize on these connections and brainstorm project ideas and other types of collaboration to continue to raise awareness and increase the level of knowledge in the ATMP logistics industry.

Project’s Team:

Franck Toussaint

Sara Van Lerberghe

Milton De La Paz

Trevor Caswell

Frank Van Gelder

Biolog Consulting and co-founder of BSMA Europe


Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Edmonton International Airport


Project Manager and Expert

Project Coordinator

Project Lead

Board Liaison

Secretary General



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