IATA Commends Pharma.Aero’s Role in Streamlining the Pharma CEIV Certification (CEIV 2.0 Project)

Pharma.Aero and IATA (the International Air Transport Association) have joined forces to strengthen IATA’s Certification for the Excellence in Pharmaceutical Handling (CEIV Pharma) program, the globally recognized certification for excellence in pharmaceutical-product handling.

Over two years, the two organizations conducted a thorough study of the CEIV Pharma program, involving certified entities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and professionals within the air logistics sector. The findings of this comprehensive study were published in a White Paper.

Read here the White Paper of CEIV 2.0 – Phase 2: Implementation

This project identified several opportunities within the program, including:

  • Building awareness: increasing engagement with authorities to ensure ongoing integration of global best practices into the program
  • Continuous improvements of the certification process: training modules, checklist layout and Independent Validator qualifications to ensure a strong foundation for the future growth of the certification
  • Increase visibility of IATA CEIV Pharma within the life science manufacturing sector
  • Expand network to make it more accessible to smaller enterprises and in underserved markets
  • Enhance IATA ONE Source, an industry platform for validated aviation capability and infrastructure information to enable integration with other platforms.

Trevor Caswell, Chairman of Pharma.Aero, lauded the collective efforts of Pharma.Aero members participating in the 2-year project. “As a leading advocate for excellence in pharmaceutical logistics, Pharma.Aero leverages the collective expertise of our global community to drive innovation and best practices in the industry. We commend all our members for their time and dedication to this project. Their contributions were decisive in getting first-hand experiences to accurately assess the CEIV Pharma certification and identify opportunities for enhancement”, said Caswell. “Together, as Pharma.Aero, we are driving positive change in pharmaceutical logistics to better serve the needs of patients globally”, concluded Trevor Caswell.

▶️ White Paper of the CEIV 2.0 Project Released | Pharma.Aero Proposes Tangible Solutions to Enhance the Pharma CEIV Program, in Collaboration with IATA 

“The CEIV Pharma program is a trusted mark of quality and excellence in the handling of pharmaceuticals, with hundreds of companies globally across the supply chain, including airlines, ground handling service providers and freight forwarders, achieving certification. This initiative between Pharma.Aero and IATA underscore the continuous commitment to not just maintain but elevate CEIV Pharma certification. Extensive dialogue with stakeholders has been instrumental in identifying new opportunities for the program such as reaching smaller enterprises and better serving underserved markets as well as process enhancements,” said Frédéric Léger IATA Senior Vice President of Commercial Products and Services.

In 2021, six years into the CEIV Pharma program, Pharma.Aero initiated the CEIV 2.0 Project to evaluate how CEIV Pharma-certified companies perceive the impact of the CEIV certification on their daily business and the value that the certification has brought. Furthermore, Pharma.Aero involved their strategic pharma shipper members in evaluating the current CEIV Pharma programme and its impact on their air supply chain requirements.

As part of Phase 1: Evaluation, the project focused on identifying the challenges, and root causes and suggested potential solutions.

Read here the White Paper of CEIV 2.0 Phase 1: Evaluation

Based on the identified challenges and the suggested solutions for improvement, Pharma.Aero members and project participants launched a follow-up project, CEIV 2.0 Phase 2: Implementation to further explore concrete actions to implement some of the suggested potential solutions.

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