NEW RELEASE | White Paper of the 2023 Pharma Logistics Masterclass in Singapore

Pharma.Aero and the University of Antwerp announce the release of the much-anticipated White Paper summarizing the insights and key takeaways from the 2023 Pharma Logistics Masterclass held in Singapore. The comprehensive document serves as a beacon of knowledge, distilling discussions, presentations, and best practices from the 5-day event, offering valuable guidance to industry professionals seeking to elevate their pharma logistics operations.

Read here the White Paper of the 2023 Pharma Logistics Masterclass 

Convening at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, the third edition of the Pharma Logistics Masterclass (PLMCTM) brought together 136 academics, industry experts and life science leaders, from 24 countries, to address the most challenging and important aspects of today’s life science logistics and supply chain.

Building upon pivotal insights gleaned from prior editions, the 2023 PLMCTM meticulously aligned past decisions with prevailing industry trends. The resultant program fostered a dynamic environment wherein instructors and participants could distil critical future strategies for the life science supply chain and logistics.

Key focal areas

  • Advanced automation and digitalization
  • The transformative impact of emerging technologies
  • Groundbreaking medical innovations
  • Strategic advancements in business
  • Applied scientific research
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Cross-industry collaboration¬†

These key considerations were scrutinized in-depth through diverse workshops, facilitating smaller group discussions that yielded pivotal strategic takeaways. This progressive understanding will play a pivotal role in shaping the forthcoming PLMCTM 2024 program.

Special thanks to our 2023 PLMC Sponsors for their decisive contribution to the event’s success!

The major takeaways of the 2023 edition represent the foundation for the next edition of the PLMCTM (29 September – 3 October 2024, Dallas Fort Worth, TX, USA).

  1. Regulation and ethics are key themes in future pharma logistics developments
  2. Pharma logistics have an increasingly important role in the pharmaceutical value chain
  3. How can a control tower be upgraded to a command tower and what is the role of powerful e-commerce companies controlling supply chain and logistics data
  4. From unimodality to multimodality, to synchro modality and the need to decarbonize the supply chain
  5. R&D, pharma logistics and hospital logistics, how can we boost our skills to learn from cross-pollination?

The success of the 2023 edition sets the stage for the upcoming 2024 Masterclass in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Building on the major takeaways from the previous year, the 2024 edition promises to be a transformative experience for industry professionals, international academics, and policymakers.

Explore the Detailed Program of the 2024 Pharma Logistics Masterclass in Dallas Fort Worth.

Previous PLMC editions:

Read here the White Paper of the first Pharma Logistics Masterclass in Antwerp

Read here the White Paper of the second Pharma Logistics Masterclass in Abu Dhabi

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