NEW PODCAST | Precision in Motion: Advanced Therapies Logistics (Euromed Pharma)

In this episode, Frank Van Gelder sits down with Olivier Mary, Chief Commercial and Supply Project Director of Euromed Pharma to explore the transformative year in personalized medicine and the unique logistical challenges presented by advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs).

#### Innovation for Patients

The discussion turns to the critical role of innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. “Innovation is a key factor for the pharmaceutical industry. But don’t forget one thing, we need innovation not for the industry, but for the patients,” Mary asserts, underscoring the patient-centric approach of Euromed Pharma.

#### Logistical Challenges of ATMPs

Addressing the logistical complexities of transporting ATMP products, Mary highlights the necessity for advanced logistics solutions. “It’s very important to have the good service in front of the product,” he explains. He elaborates on the multifaceted nature of managing ATMP logistics, from manufacturing to distribution, emphasizing the importance of compliance and risk management at every stage.

#### Regulatory Landscape and Industry Collaboration

Van Gelder raises the issue of regulation in the ATMP sector. Mary discusses the evolving regulatory environment, noting the lack of specific regulations for certain therapies. He highlights a current challenge in France involving microbiome products, where regulatory frameworks are still being developed. “The agencies, the legal, the state, are very linked with the industry and pharmaceutical research and development,” Mary states, emphasizing the collaborative efforts needed to establish robust regulations.

#### Practical Expectations and the Role of Providers

In a practical context, Mary outlines the stringent requirements for logistics providers handling ATMPs. “The first thing we are looking for is compliance…we have to have a mirroring between us and them,” he says, stressing the need for providers to meet high standards and work closely with pharmaceutical companies to ensure patient safety.

Stay tuned for more episodes of Pharma.Aero’s podcast series as they continue to delve into the latest advancements and challenges in the pharmaceutical logistics sector.

Pharma.Aero’s podcast, Insights, was launched in 2023 as a powerful platform to further showcase valuable expertise and insights on topics relevant to life science logistics. Since its first episode, the podcast delved deep into the complexities of the life sciences and med tech supply chain, presenting a unique opportunity to explore challenges, issues, and innovative ideas that shape the industry.

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