Medista and OnAsset Intelligence join Pharma.Aero as associate partners

Pharma.Aero welcomes Medista and OnAsset Intelligence to its global community of life science and MedTech supply chain logistics stakeholders.

Medista is a GDP and GMP-certified pharmaceutical service company specialising in high-tech medical supply chain management. Founded in 2000, Medista has become the fastest-growing pharmaceutical service company in Belgium. By integrating innovative technology and healthcare logistics, Medista delivers flexible solutions that meet customer needs, bridging gaps, confronting barriers, and eliminating complexity from one end of the supply chain to the other. 

OnAsset Intelligence is an integrated (software, hardware, and connectivity) provider of autonomous sensor-based edge devices and tracking solutions utilized to protect and monitor the real-time location, quality, and condition of shipments across the globe via all transportation modes (air, ground, rail, ocean).  They design, manufacture, and maintain all their hardware, software and service products including a premium line of wireless hardware, network connectivity services, and a global cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) operating platform for efficiently managing these shipments over the web.  OnAsset Intelligence serves hundreds of global customers including shippers, logistics providers, airlines, system integrators, technology providers and packaging customers with applications in Clinical Trials, ULDs, Tier 1 Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Health/Life Science Materials and servers.

Pharma.Aero’s global community of certified life science and MedTech supply chain logistics providers currently stays at 68 members worldwide, representing all segments of the supply chain: manufacturers, airports, airlines, freight forwarders, ground handlers, solutions providers and other stakeholders.

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