Highlights and Main Take Aways of the 2022 International Pharma Logistics Masterclass (Abu Dhabi, 5 – 9 September 2022)

Highlights of Day 1 | Data as Value Driver for the Future Pharma Supply Chain

Speakers: Prof. Ernesto Damiani of Khalifa University ▪ Ruud van der Geer – Associate Director Supply Chain Management EMEA at MSD ▪ Céline Guyomard – CTO of LAINPHARMA ▪ Andre Verdier – Managing Director Middle East of Blue Yonder ▪ Thierry Goniva – CTO at B Medical Systems ▪ Stefan Braun of SmartCAE Stefan Braun ▪ Celine Crahay of 3CeL 

➡️ Need for a better digital mindset inducing increased data quality which drives the necessary basics for predictive data models
➡️ Supply chain data can drive human behaviour analytics
➡️ Need for a digital twinning model to strengthen predictive analysis and decision-making policies
➡️ Machines can be trained but human input for decisions will be needed ➡️ digital training is key to success
➡️ Focus on classic supply chain needs to change to a full ecosystem model to include all flows
➡️ Meaningful insights into the real-time data availability, data utilisation and data resilience
➡️ Opportunity to convert underutilized available data to real-life solutions
➡️ Mixed perceptions on the relationship between the role of humans, AI and ML
➡️ Classification and composition of data tower and its applications
➡️ Understanding the principles of digital twin and its applications


Highlights of Day 2 | Setting Your Future Supply Chain Strategy by Economic Modelling 

Speakers: Prof. Dr Roel Gevaers of University of Antwerp – Faculty of Business and Economics ▪ Richard Peck – International Logistics Director, RP PHARMA CONSULTING LTD. ▪ Fabrice Panza, Manager Global Cool Chain Solutions Etihad Cargo ▪ Prof. Dr. Wouter Dewulf, Faculty of Business and Economics University of Antwerp ▪ Frank Van Gelder, Secretary General Pharma.Aero ▪ Dr. Sven Buyle, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Antwerp ▪ Prof. Dr Tom O’Brien, California State University Long Beach, Centre for International Trade and Transportation METRANS Transportation Consortium ▪ Nicholas Diemont, Director, Business Change Management, Middle East & Africa, DSV ▪ Prof. Dr. Wouter Dewulf, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Antwerp ▪  Prof. Dr Koen Vandenbempt, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Antwerp ▪  Céline Crahay, Managing Director, 3CeL 

The Pharma.Aero Membership 500 Seconds Rapid Fire Cases: How to Translate Supply Chain Strategy Vision into Motion

ANA Cargo: Mr. Kazuya Imaoka and Ms. Satomi Yaegashi, Global Marketing, Products & Services

DFW Airport: Mr. Milton De La Paz, VP Airline Relations and Cargo Business Development

Changi Airport Group: Mr. Yue Ming, Cargo & Logistics Development

➡️ Strong statements from the industry should be sustained by reliable research to avoid sloganism
➡️ Data supply by the industry can help to build bridges between academics and the industry and to enable useful and applicable research.
➡️ Forecasting is a very useful and mandatory tool for long-term budgeting and production planning, however, not the Holy Grail
➡️ To make the supply chain more resilient, the industry needs to make a strategic supply chain planning, leverage data, diversify the supply and manufacturing chain and manage the inventory and capacity buffers
➡️ The student ‘products’ delivered by the traditional university educational system are not always adapted to the needs of the industry ➡️ Internships, joint projects and joint workshops can help to build the bridges between the universities and industry
➡️ Cargo strategy development is back on the board tables at both airports and airlines
➡️ ‘Adaptive innovation’, the zone where companies are imagining and creating, is the non-comfort zone for many companies, however, the place to be.
➡️ ‘Busy-ness’ is often the magnet that pushes organisations into the ‘business-as-usual’ zone
➡️ Organisations should be more curious by observing and associating with other industries, questioning the current organisational model, experimenting and building bridges internally and externally
➡️ Sustainability is a typical topic which takes place in the ‘adaptive innovation’ zone of the organisational set-up, where imagination and creativity are needed to make step changes and have a long-term impact

Highlights of Day 3 | Pack and Go: How Innovative Packaging and Cool Chain Innovation will Support the Future Healthcare Model 

Chair: Frank Van Gelder – Secretary General of Pharma.Aero
Co-Chair: Hicham MIRGHANI – Director of Corporate Affairs of AstraZeneca, UAE

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Chan Yeob Yeun, Khalifa University ▪ Diego Loaiza Salazar, Director – Global DIMS Applications, Cold Jet ▪ Naeem Bagwan, PhD Researcher, the University of Antwerp ▪ Prof. Dr Roel Gevaers, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Antwerp ▪ Kristian Williams, Senior Director of Sales – EMEA and APAC, Cold Chain Technologies ▪ Christopher J. Storch, Global Head of Sales, va-Q-tec

Workshop: Create an Innovative Packing Solution End-To-End | B Medical Systems Cold Chain Technologies Cold Jet  Khalifa University Pharma.Aero va-Q-tec

➡️ Sustainable packaging is key in modern pharma supply chains
➡️ Cell and gene therapies are pushing packaging and cooling to the next level
➡️ Shipment size increasingly switches from ‘pallet’ to ‘parcel’
➡️ The passive cooling market segment will see a significant future market growth
➡️ The last mile becomes more and more part of a full circular pharma logistics ECOSYSTEM
➡️ Shipment monitoring is increasingly used not only for temperature control, but also for trace-and-tracking
➡️ There is an elephant in the room: Reverse logistics. There is work on the shelf here!
➡️ Several cooling methods are battling to become the standard for passive cooling. Which one is the more sustainable?
➡️ Sustainability is not a buzz word, but a verb to operationalize and sustain the often boldly launched company statements
➡️ Scientific research is crucial to help the industry with the above-mentioned challenges


Highlights of Day 4 | When the Exception Turns into Standard: Emergency and Crisis Pharma Logistics

Chair: Dr Omar Najim – Director Executive Affairs UAE, Department of Health Abu Dhabi
Co-Chair: Jeffrey Kemprecos – Director, Communications, Government Affairs & Market Access GSK Gulf 
Speakers: Trevor Caswell, Chairman Pharma.Aero ▪ Cpt. Abhinand Madireddy, Director, Strategy & Projects, AD Ports Logistics ▪ Dr Andrei Sleptchenko, Khalifa University ▪ Dr Raja Jayaraman, Khalifa University ▪ Dr Olivier Defawe, VillageReach Director Private Sector Engagement, Drones for Health Program Lead, Pharma.Aero UAV Project Manager ▪ Ruud van der Geer, Associate Director Supply Chain Management MSD ▪ Céline Crahay, Managing Director, 3CeL

➡️ Innovative collaboration is key to reaching remote areas
➡️ Innovative projects to test new technologies like drones are needed and should be supported by the entire supply chain
➡️ Human factors like creative and innovative thinking are still key in responsive emergency logistics
➡️ Data sharing is key in agile and emergency logistics
➡️ Blockchain can assist where traditional data sharing and data flows lack stability
➡️ Blockchain is not the Holy Grail for data issues
➡️ Key technologies might jeopardize affordability of future supply chains
➡️ There is a need for pharma-specific predictive mathematical models in disruptive event impact prediction
➡️ The last mile is (once again) the most complex and expensive part of the supply chain
➡️ Horizontal and vertical collaboration are key to upgrading the Pharma Logistics Industry from 1.2 to 2.0


Highlights of Day 5 | Sustainable Pharma Supply Chain Models: How Transport Modes Intertwine

Chair: Prof. Dr Christa Sys from University of Antwerp – Faculty of Business and Economics
Speakers: Simona Ravera, Director Solutions Sales EMEA – LifeSciences & Healthcare, BDP International ▪ Gerry Fama, Vice President of Europe Sales, BDP International ▪ Darrel Chong, AVP, Group Platform Solutions, PSA International ▪ Dr Thomas Van Asch, Strategic Project manager, Air Cargo Belgium ▪ Samuel Speltdoorn Business Development Manager Cargo, Brussels Airport Company ▪ Stefan Braun, Managing Director, SmartCAE ▪ Rafael Arevalo-Ascanio, PhD Researcher University of Antwerp ▪ Fabrice Panza, Manager Global Cool Chain Solutions Etihad Cargo ▪ Céline Crahay, Managing Director 3CeL ▪ Prof. Dr Wouter Dewulf, University of Antwerp

➡️ Think more about ‘transport solutions’ rather than transport modes ➡️ ‘Collaborative Intermodality’ is the key to enhancing sustainability
➡️ Sea freight will play an increasingly important role in pharma logistics
➡️ There is an industry-wide need for a standardised, integrated and objective CO2 calculation model that looks beyond the traditional fragmented ‘island-to-island’ approach
➡️ A number of airports and airlines are investing heavily in making their operations more sustainable. However, these efforts are scattered ➡️ Knowledge and best-practice sharing among peers will be needed if the ambitious CORSIA goals are to be met
➡️ There are still a large number of research topics related to sustainability to be further investigated. The industry sits on a mountain of data, the academics can use this data for future research ➡️ An enhanced collaboration on the selection of the research topics and the supply of big data is requested by the universities.

Special thanks to all our speakers and sponsors whose contribution was decisive to the success of the second edition of the International Pharma Logistics Masterclass.


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