Germinare of Uruguay signs up for Pharma.Aero’s Life Science Manufacturers Advisory Platform (LMAP)

Germinare is the latest addition to the Life Sciences Manufacturers Advisory Platform, alongside Alexion, GSK, Novartis, and Pharma.Aero’s Strategic Pharmaceutical Members, MSD, Pfizer and Zoetis. The Uruguayan company specializes in the production, formulation and distribution of medical cannabis products.

This partnership opens up the door for innovative projects focusing on the new therapies' specific requirements for transportation, handling, regulations, and delivery to the patients. As a global platform, Pharma.Aero has the potential to scale up the process by fostering collaboration among stakeholders worldwide.

Frank Van Gelder, Secretary General Pharma.Aero

At Germinare, we embody a deep commitment to wellness and innovation. Our mission is to make healthcare accessible by collaborating with non-profits, delivering impactful medical cannabis solutions to those in need. We specialize in the production, formulation, and distribution of medical cannabis products. Our focus is on promoting wellbeing and enhancing the overall quality of life.

Wesley Teixeira, Business Development Germinare

Germinare is part of Kannacob, a group of 24 Uruguayan cannabis producers that promotes cooperation and standardization of the best cultivation practices on the market.

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