Brussels Airport Company Designates New Representative to Pharma.Aero’s Board of Directors

Samuel Speltdoorn steps into Nathan De Valck’s shoes, as a member of Pharma.Aero’s Board of Directors. Samuel was designated Brussels Airport Company’s new representative in our BoD, after Nathan stepped down, following his resignation from Brussels Airport. Nathan De Valck co-founded Pharma.Aero in 2016, and had been at the helm of our organization since its creation.

In the name of the entire organization, Trevor Caswell, Chairman of Pharma.Aero, notes and thanks Nathan for his vision and leadership.

“As a founding member and architect of Pharma.Aero, Nathan has been a fundamental part of the organization’s growth and success. Nathan served as BoD Chairman for 6 consecutive years, leading the organization through many different aspects of growth and development.  I have really enjoyed working with Nathan over the past number of years, as part of the BOD and as a fellow industry airport colleague.  I wish Nathan all the best in his new role and future endeavours.

I would like to also take this opportunity to welcome Samuel Speltdoorn from Brussels Airport, to Pharma.Aero BOD.  I look forward to working with him in his new role with the board, as he will do a fantastic job representing Brussels Airport.”

Trevor Caswell, Chairman of Pharma.Aero

“The past 6 years have been very rewarding, with amazing results that exceeded my wildest expectations from when we launched the platform.””I am very grateful that I was privileged to contribute to the success of Pharma.Aero in various roles as co-founder, chairman and past chairman.

I have seen Pharma.Aero grow from a small collaboration initiative with some early believers into a true global collaboration platform.  The involvement of the pharma manufacturers and all air cargo industry partners, as well as the focus on innovation and the testing of ideas are part of the unique DNA of Pharma.Aero.

A big thank you to all the members, the Board of Directors, the Secretary General and the back-office team for the support and commitment to grow the organisation and to continuously contribute to the innovations in air cargo pharma handling.”

Nathan De Valck, Co-founder, former Chairman Pharma.Aero

Samuel Speltdoorn is the Cargo Business Development Manager at Brussels Airport Company. He takes over the BoD position, but he is not new to our organization. Samuel has been proactively involved in Pharma.Aero projects and events in the past years. We have seen him at the International Pharma Logistics Masterclass, in Abu Dhabi, but also at IATA World Cargo Symposium in London, where he co-presented the results of our Pharma.Aero CEIV 2.0 Project, at the BSMA Conferences in Europe and Africa, and at TIACA Air Cargo Forum, in Miami, where he participated in the Pharma Excellence session organized by our organization.

“It’s an immense honour to be given the opportunity and trust to join the Pharma.Aero Board of Directors. For the past years, the organization became close to my heart, as I was directly involved thanks to Nathan and Brussels Airport. The Pharma.Aero projects and learnings have been truly inspiring and are applied in many developments here at the airport. The network events have opened a unique world on their own.
I join the organization with only 6 years of career history; many things to learn, and many people still to meet, but this underlines the mindset of the organization, where involving young professionals is a top priority.
I want to close off by personally thanking my mentor and friend, Nathan. He has been instrumental for the organization and my career development. I wish him all the best on his new career path.”

Samuel Speltdoorn, Pharma.Aero BoD member

Our entire Pharma.Aero Board of Directors regrets seeing Nathan De Valck leave the BOD but is pleased that he will continue to be part of our organization, since he joins WFS, also a Pharma.Aero member. We wish him every success in all future projects!

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