Veteran Express Secure Logistics (VEXSL)


Veteran Express Secure Logistics (VEXSL) is a Canadian based, veteran-owned and operated business providing secure shipping services with end-to-end blockchain-based supply chain visibility, climate control, and secure chain of custody with a dedication to creating a safer and more secure pharmaceutical supply chain. They are a company with a strong commitment to sustainable practices, and they have taken significant steps to reduce any negative impact on the communities they serve by adopting the use of cutting edge IoT and blockchain technologies, alternative fuels(Hydrogen) and social support initiatives within their community.

VEXSL is committed to excellence in all aspects of their business. They provide high-quality services, ensuring that  customers’ shipments arrive securely, with quality protection, on time, and on budget. 

As a veteran-owned business, VEXSL is focused on providing purposeful career opportunities for military veterans and first responders. They recognize the unique skills and experiences that these individuals bring to the table, and their goal is to provide them with meaningful and rewarding careers. 

VEXSL  believes that business success goes hand in hand with sustainability. They are proud to be leading the way in sustainable logistics and demonstrating their commitment to the planet, their customers, and  employees.



Cole Fouillard, CEO

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