Latin America Cargo City (LACC)


Latin America Cargo City (LACC), initially MVD Free Airport, is a multimodal Airport Free Zone in Montevideo (Uruguay) and the only Airport Free Zone in Latin America. With a comprehensive solution that encompasses an attractive tax-exemption regime, GDP compliant infrastructure and processes and a carefully designed client-centered information system, LACC enables safe, cost-efficient and quality oriented last-mile distribution in South America always placing the client’s peace of mind at the center of its organizational strategy. 

Being the only multimodal airport free zone in Latin America, LACC can receive and dispatch cargo arriving by land, sea or air enabling customized last-miles as well as the possibility to perform any given type of value added activity to the cargo within airport premises, in direct contact with the aircraft under an “end of runway” concept 

A value-added enabler for all Latin American business, LACC is a key player in the smart supply chain management of organizations with stakes in the region. 



Bruno Guella, Managing Director

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