Humanitarian Logistics Association (HLA)

HLA is a membership organisation, empowering logisticians to deliver humanitarian aid and development assistance more effectively. HLA facilitates better connections between supply and demand, enabling cross sector learning, innovations and partnerships, supporting market transparency, reducing waste and harnessing opportunities to help the total become greater than the sum. HLA was established in 2009 and we are a non-profit, UK-based NGO, whose members work on an individual basis or in partnerships, to respond to global emergencies.

The HLA is focussed on achieving three key outcomes:

Policy change: We work with donors, aid organizations, private and public sectors to help them improve their supply chain management policies to enable improved aid delivery.

Market Transparency: We support shared marketplaces which are recognised and used by all sectors involved in aid delivery, enabling resource efficiencies and better supported local businesses.

Empowered logisticians: We facilitate evidence and knowledge generated via projects, research and case studies to be shared to improve awareness and provoke mind-set changes, enabling individual skills and organisational supply chain design improvements.

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