White Paper and Video: Lean Logistics For Vaccines - A Success Case in Uruguay: From the Airport to the Patient

28 Sep 2021 | General

Uruguay has developed an innovative COVID-19 vaccine distribution strategy “Lean Logistics for Vaccines”, that reduces the delivery time of vaccine shipments from port to patient to only 10 hours, saving at least a day in the supply chain. Despite being the last South American country to kick-start the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, Uruguay had vaccinated more than 70% of the population in less than six months, making this strategy a successful case study in the industry.

Pharma.Aero was privileged to be part of the project, together with the project team in Uruguay, that resulted in a recently issued White Paper - revealing the challenges, the solutions and results as well as the lessons learned and recommendations of the project

Read the full report HERE and watch the video HERE


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