White Paper: Using UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in the Pharma and Humanitarian Air Cargo sectors

26 Aug 2021 | General

Specialists across the pharma air cargo supply chain examine the use of UAVs and drones for last mile delivery of pharma products.

The pharma industry today is struggling with last mile transportation to patients and healthcare facilities in remote areas. A project group between Pharma.Aero and Humanitarian Logistics Association (HLA) was formed earlier this year with the objective to develop a strategic implementation roadmap that enables effective transportation of pharma and humanitarian medical goods to remote areas using UAV and drone technology.

An exclusive webinar was organised for the members of both organisations on June 15, 2021, followed by a survey. The results of the survey and insights gathered amongst the presenters, the attendees and the project group were outlined in a white Paper, marking the completion of the project’s first phase. The White Paper examined the competitive positioning of UAV against other transportation modes, the regulatory framework for drone operations and applications of UAV in the Pharma and Humanitarian Air Cargo sector.

Read the full report HERE

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