What is Pharma.Aero?

PHARMA.AERO is a powerful cross-industry collaboration for Pharma Shippers, CEIV certified cargo communities, Airport Operators and other air cargo industry stakeholders.

PHARMA.AERO is an initiative from Brussels Airport together with Miami Airport, based upon the CEIV program.

PHARMA.AERO is a new world wide platform.


Our vision

Achieve excellence in reliable end-to-end air transportation for pharma shippers.

Our mission

Foster collaboration between CEIV certified airport communities dedicated in developing and leading when it comes to handling pharmaceuticals.

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  • Become a strategic partner for pharma shippers
  • Advocate the best interests of the pharma industry
  • Develop air cargo as a reliable transport mode for pharma
  • Become/remain leaders in developing cool chain solutions
  • Grow the pharma business at our airports

How do we accomplish this?

  • Carry out programs that connect CEIV airport communities to the end customer: pharma manufacturer
  • Develop and represent major global pharma air cargo routes
  • Share market knowledge, expertise, and best practices giving access to all supply chain partners (end-to-end) thus creating added value for our members
  • Organise, share contacts, and collaborate on local and regional pharma shipper fora, workshops and network events
  • Bringing our members together within several working groups


1. Focus on end to end solutions

  • Use CEIV certification program as the standard
  • Joint route development with focus on pharma lanes
  • Exchange best practices between members
  • Consistent approach for risk management and operational excellence in pharma handling


2. Focus on Supply Chain solutions

  • Integrate expertise of Pharma Shippers
  • Eliminating weak links, e.g. avoiding extreme temperatures during airside transit
  • Standard for lane certification
  • Uniform methodologies, e.g. vendor audits


3. Focus on transparency and visibility

  • Data sharing platform
  • Sensor technology for automated updates
  • Installing quality dashboards
  • Database of qualified solutions

Added value

1. Added Value for a Pharma Shipper

  • Direct impact on the strategic prios of Pharma.Aero
  • Better understanding of the capabilities and challenges of air cargo
  • Direct collaboration with stakeholders with impact on the air cargo supply chain
  • Regaining trust in the air cargo industry
  • Continuous improvement on your local supply chain
    • Reduction of costs packaging solutions
    • Visibility and transparency on your shipments


2. Added Value for a new CEIV stakeholder member

  • Share & receive best practices
  • Lane certification
  • Data sharing
  • Positioning & networking in the air cargo market
  • Becoming a strategic partner of the Pharma Shipper
  • Participate in regional fora
  • Increasing air cargo volume